International Centre Of Automotive Technology E-Portal

International Centre Of Automotive Technology

International Centre Of Automotive Technology E-Portal For Automobile Sector

The Department of Heavy Industries (DHI), Government of India, has launched a mission to promote innovation, R&D and product development in India for various sectors. One step towards this mission is the creation of e-portal, a technology platform where such technology development, information exchange and innovation can be facilitated. Five portals for specific sectors are being developed by various organizations, BHEL for power sector equipment, HMT for machine tools, CMFTI for manufacturing technology, ICAT and ARAI for automotive sector. These portals aim at an ecology. Creating mechanisms that bring together solution seekers and problem solvers. These include industry, education, research institutes, startups, professionals and experts. ICAT is developing a technology platform for the automotive industry called ASPIRE - Automotive Solutions Portal for Industry, Research and Education. The main objective of this portal is to bring together stakeholders from various allied paths to bring innovation and global technological progress to the Indian automotive industry. Facilitate making the industry self sufficient. Activities include research and development for industry, product technology development, technological innovation, technical and quality problem solutions, manufacturing and process technology development, hosting challenges for technology development and conducting market research and technology surveys to identify Indian trends Will involve doing. Auto Industry. The e-portal will act as a one stop solution providing a technology platform that will help bring together various stakeholders from the Indian auto industry, providing the necessary impetus for future industry start-ups with joint efforts. This includes bringing together automotive OEMs, Tier 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies, R&D institutions and academics (colleges and universities) on matters related to technology advancements. In addition to acting as a solution and resource platform, the portal industry Will also host grand challenges as required from time to time, which will be recognized for the development of key automotive technologies from time to time. The ASPIRE portal has been prepared by ICAT and will go live in the first phase in its first edition on July 15, 2020 has gone. The first phase will involve adding users and experts to the portal for performance evaluation. The second phase of the portal, by August 15, 2020, will include posting of domain specific challenges, team formation and finalization of milestones for execution of projects for the said challenges and industry problems. The portal is expected to be fully functional with hosting Grand Challenges and providing a detailed resource database and project monitoring and execution. These measures are needed to develop a strong and self sufficient automotive industry in India. which is in line with the self reliant vision of Make in India and Government of India.