United States Strong National Stockpile Industrial Base

United States Coronavirus COVID 19 Outbreak

US Strong National Stockpile Industrial Base To Any Crisis

The United States Of America President Trump and his administration have recently released, a plan to restructure the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), applying lessons learned from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. By improving the supply of critically needed goods to our next generation Strategic National Stockpile SNS, the needs Integrating predictive analytics to determine, provide real-time visibility of supply chains, The technology will be improved to take advantage of and reduce dependence on foreign supplies. Additionally, the United States President Trump is signing an executive order, that provides the right to ensure that the United States is vital to building our strategic reserves. Under this order, the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is important Credit providers, which will provide key financing to industries producing goods and services. the health and safety of our nation is the primary goal, this order will secure our supply chain and make our country more independent, self reliant and resilient will protect the United States of America people, and to ensure that our nation is more prepared for any future emergency. It will also prime our industrial base to respond to the challenge during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the United States President Trump administration found that, the nation's reserves were inadequate in previous Strategic National Stockpile, inventions lacked the breadth and depth to respond to Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic demand, stocking only 28% of essential commodities and staple items for a month. There was a short supply. Under the former system, the ability to determine what products were most needed was rapid refilling. There was a shortage to target distribution of critical products for ores and high needed regions. less than half of personal protective equipment (PPE) is manufactured in North America, our supply chain was highly vulnerable to foreign production disruptions. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant increase in domestic production and critical health for our nation's health and national security. Highlighted the need to reduce foreign dependence. Under the leadership of the United States President Trump, administration has successfully supplied and distributed criticles products to Americans as needed. President Trump and his administration have worked tirelessly with manufacturers to speed up the production and distribution of vital medical supplies nationwide. The United States President has tried to support the border health workers of America from all over the world. Launched Project Airbridge to bring supplies. The United States president Trump administration partnered with the private sector to secure donations and production of PPE and other medical supplies. U.S. President Trump effectively mobilized our country and created massive amounts of PPE and ventilators, Effectively took advantage of the Defense Production Act. The United States President Trump's efforts for every American who needs a ventilator is available at every field.