United States Public Service Of America Medal 2020 Winners

US Public Service Of America Medal 2020 Winners

United States Public Service Recognition Week

During The Public Service Recognition Week, we pay tribute to our federal, state and local government employees for their unwavering sevice dedication to the civil service, on the front lines in times of prosperity and adversity, our world-class workforce is ready and willing to serve our fellow Americans. At all levels of government, our civil servants have strengthened and enriched our nation. The Service to America Medals Program was started in 2002 to recruiting and maintaining excellence in federal civil service. Director General of Foreign Services Pleased to announce that three state's employees are 2020 Service to America Medal Finalists in the United States. The Service of America Medal honors the achievements of federal employees who have made significant contributions to the US government. Volker is one of six national finalists for the Career Achievement Medal, Monica Egger Jacobson of the Bureau of Legal Affairs is one of five national finalists for the Emerging Leaders Medal, And Thomas DeBass of the Office of Global Partnerships is one of six national finalists for the Medal for Security, Security and International Affairs. Ms. Coats has dedicated her career to creating state-of-the-art global supply chain management systems, that allow diplomats and joint Provides $ 10 billion worth of goods and services to other federal employees serving overseas in the United States, Ms. Jacobsen has played a key role in shaping the complex legal and policy issues involved in imposing sanctions against dozens of human rights around the world. Debus and his team have raised over $ 1.5 billion of public and private sector resource commitments. Formed a public-private partnership to advance the interests of America's foreign policy, our nation's civic authorities have resolved to answer together with unprecedented coronavirus epidemic. Their tireless efforts are continuing to provide essential services to federal, state, local, and tribal governments to their constituents, helping productive government-private sector participation, and fueling our ongoing recovery efforts. Our public health experts, who always play an integral role in protecting the health and wellbeing of our people, have provided critical and timely guidance to Americans to stay healthy and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Emergency managers, first responders, and law enforcers continue to provide life, savings care, comfort and support. Postal staff are providing necessary supplies and communications. Sanitation workers are keeping our communities clean. School teachers continue to provide virtual education and support to students. And countless other public servants are diligently and politely supporting our American standard of living during this Coronavirus crisis. Through their dedicated hardwork efforts, the American people are protected and supported despite the unprecedented challenges we face. As we begin to see a promising forecast and eventual recovery of the extraordinary sacrifices the American people have made on behalf of their fellow citizens Thanks in large part we can begin the important task of reopening our country. We know that our public service workers will play an important role in resuming The United States  economy and completely revitalizing our society, while also protecting American lives, United States Government's administration is committed to supporting these men and women at all levels of government during this process, to ensure that they have the resources and information they need to continue serving the American people, while protecting their well-being they wanted. Together we will complete the work of rebuilding the United States Economy. This Public Service Recognition Week, we are especially grateful to our dedicated public servants. Their experience, expertise and commitment to service for The United States, during these COVID-19 difficult times and help ensure a speedy recovery. We will always be indebted for their hard work, dedication and courage, always remembering his irreplaceable contribution to American people and For The United States.