United States President Message On 75th Europe Victory Day

75th Europe Victory Day

US President Message On 75th Europe Victory Day

The United States President said in his Message that, Seventy five years before today, the last remnants of the Nazi regime surrendered without the Allied powers, marking the end of World War second in Europe. Today, we celebrate the forces of freedom that defeated tyranny and emerged victorious in that monumental struggle. We pay tribute to those who served for their service and pause to remember those who gave their last full measure in protecting the flame of freedom. The campaign to end fascism in the European theater is the price of freedom. The war killed more than 30 million people. The majority of those living in Europe were civilians, including 6 million Jews from Poland and the former Soviet Union. The United States also take part in world war second, and suffered incredible losses of more than 2 million Americans deployed to Europe, and the Mediterranean patrolling of the Atlantic Ocean, Most of them selfless and Heroic warriors had never known life in prosperous America. They grew up during the Great Depression, when America's economic prospects seemed to be waning. Nevertheless, they responded to the call of duty of our country because, they believed in the principles that are rooted in the foundation of our nation. They came from the plains of the Midwest, industrial and manufacturing cities, vast farms in rural America and upcoming cities of our country. Many of them had never traveled outside the united states, but they traveled thousands of miles around the world to meet their tyrannical enemies on the beaches of France, in the jungles of Belgium, on the hills of Italy, and on hundreds of other battlefields. Will travel Europe and North Africa. These American heroes did not retreat in their noble endeavors until they liberated the whole of Europe from the abominable Nazi regime. Today, as we reflect on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War second in Europe, we are reminded that no challenge is greater than the resolve of the American soul. In the last months, our nation has faced notable adversity during the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. But as we have done many times before, America will win, and we will become a stronger and united country. The United States President honor all Americans for their heroic service to our brave warriors and sacrifices in World War second. Today we have less than 400,000 of the 16 million Americans, who served in our armed forces during World War second. That generation was the Greatest Generation, we will never be forgotten. We are forever grateful for their invaluable contribution to the success and prosperity of the United States.