United States COVID-19 Response Well Being Of Americans

United States COVID-19 Response

United States COVID-19 Impacts On Americans

The United States  President Donald Trump, all the 50 states governors of the United States and the First Lady Melania Trump, joined in discussions with Vice President Mike Pence at the request of Mayor of Washington, DC, and the White House Coronavirus Task Force, to discuss best practices on Coronavirus COVID-19's critical partnership with the united states governors on ensuring the response, recovery, and well-being of all Americans, the United States First Lady Melania Trump started the discussion addressing on mental health, As the United States is begin to reopen and all Americans especially each of your states to support children welfare. The United States First Lady focused on children's physical, social and emotional health. The United States President declared National Mental Health Awareness Month, and asked Americans to support citizens suffering from mental illnesses, raise awareness in the united states on the mental health through appropriate programs and activities, the United States First Lady Melania Trump said, we are fighting against the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans, including children are in anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation and fear. Our nation's Children required support of healthy caring adults, who can help them understand the changes happening due to Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the world around us. as we are going to reopen the united states. The First lady ask all of you to nominate child welfare employees, so that these critical employees have access to personal protective equipment to protect the child's physical health during coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Which is a serious challenges for child welfare agencies, to ensure the physical safety and well-being of children across the united states. The First Lady and the United States president Trump administration have prioritized child welfare, by providing guidance and best practices for remote or virtual court hearings in child welfare cases, the United States President, First Lady, the vice president and all the 50 state's governors are expanding their entire testing ecosystem, including testing in nursing homes. Dr. Tony Fauci provided an overview of Coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine development through Project War Speed, and HHS Assistant Secretary for Mental Health shared a critical perspective about the negative impact of Coronavirus COVID-19, quarantine and social isolation impacts on Americans people's mental health.