United States And Transatlantic Cooperation On COVID-19

United States Cooperation On Coronavirus COVID-19

United States And Transatlantic Cooperation On Coronavirus COVID-19

The United States President Trump has said, that the United States is working with our friends and partners around the world, to coordinate our efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. The United States values our allies and partners in combating the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic cooperation and planning for our collective recovery. With G7, G20, NATO and other counterparts led by President and Secretary of State, Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E. Begun has led weekly deputy ministerial evel coordination calls meeting with transatlantic allies and partners, including the European Commission. These calls meeting have given the United States and our transatlantic allies and partners, unique and complex challenges presented by the global Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. In response to sharing ideas and best practices and our economies planning to allowed reopen commerce. Through collaboration between transAtlantic partners, we have enabled hundreds of thousands of citizens of our respective countries to return home to their families and loved ones, even borders have closed and commercial flight options disappear Is important to strengthen the capabilities of our respective public health systems, to respond and deal with Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemics Facilitate the maintenance of critical supplies of complete protective equipment and medical supplies, Ensured that foreign nationals working in essential economic sectors in our respective countries are able to continue to work, Identified vulnerable and most vulnerable countries to the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic best coordinated support, reduce them through disruption and other means Rules against efforts based international system, including universal rights and international peace and cooperation to strengthen security, multilateral meetings and responding to the opportunities identified in the G7 and G20 forum to challenge the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, and shared best practices on how independent and open societies can respond to and counter the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. As we begin to reopen our societies, and reinvent the global economy will continue to collaborate on the United States and our transatlantic partners through bilateral and multilateral efforts, Sharing best practices and lessons learned as our societies, businesses and governments return to work, reducing the impact of border closures and fewer transport links on global supply chains, allowing for the necessary movement of people and cargo maintaining necessary aviation and transport links, efforts to develop vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics make available and accessible. Make it affordable for women promote timely exchange and transparency of public health data and information with the international community, to address the emerging Global response to Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemics and future crises to discuss the use of multilateral institutions and forums to strengthen, reclaim global development and economic prosperity Work to do Global aid efforts in weak countries, particularly in Africa to strengthen their health systems and respond to the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic and its economic impact, Countering democratic regimes, universal rights including freedom of the press and freedom of expression, and rules based international orders, and efforts by those who seek to reduce these principles through disinfection and coercion. Welcome to the coordination with our transatlantic partners and international organizations, who are able to contribute our efforts to share our common objectives, and global peace principles to promote security and prosperity in the world.