The United States National Day Of Prayer

The United States Of America National Day Of Prayer

United States National Prayer Day

On this United States National Day of Prayer, All United States of America people Think that, the prayer gives strengthens to our nation, and we express with humility and gratitude, to our strong faith in God to the protection of divine providence to our nation, we share a legacy of faith that inspires us, and gives United States a legacy of religious freedom. On this United States National Prayer Day we join together, and uplift our hearts remembering the divine counsel and unfailing knowledge. Our leaders have often encouraged their fellow citizens to receive knowledge from God, and have recognized the power of God to lead our nation beyond the bright days. When the prospects of our freedom General George Washington declared "a national day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer, to humbly honor the mercy of Almighty God. Following the devastating destruction of the Civil War, President Lincoln gave his second inaugural speech and called upon the power of prayer, to bind the wounds of the nation. And more than 100 years later referring to our long reliance on prayer throughout our history, During times of  revolution, civil war, and great world wars, the nation changed.  In prayer for salvation to God, Today as usual, our prayer tradition continues as our nation competes with coronavirus. During the past weeks and months, our heads have bowed to places outside our typical homes of worship, whispering in silent solitude to God to renew our souls, and carry us through unexpected and difficult unbearable hardships. Even though we have been unable to gather together in church with our fellowship and families, we are still connected through prayer, and the God will lead us through many valleys of life, unprecedented times, we must also seek the God wisdom, strength and healing. We pray to God for the comforts of  those who have lost loved ones, who are ill, heals them, strengthens them on the front lines, and assures all Americans that through their trust we can overcome all obstacles. we should never forget that prayer path, and empower our nation and all things that are possible with God. In times of prosperity, conflict, peace and war, Americans bow to their boundless love, grace, and understanding. Today, on this United States National Day of Prayer, let us come all Americans together and pray to the Almighty, so that we overcoming this coronavirus epidemic, we develop an even greater faith in the God divine potential. In 1988, The United States Public Law 100-307 the Congress amended by the President, to issue a proclamation declaring the first Thursday in May each year as The United States National Prayer Day. On this day the people of America prayer to God in meditation in churches, in groups and as individuals.