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Efforts To Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinformation Propaganda

This is an update on PRC efforts to advance disinfection and propagation around COCID-19. The Secretary has repeatedly said that transparency, accountability and information sharing are the best tools to reduce the tide of COVID-19's global impact. And yet we have identified a new network of inhumane accounts on Twitter designed to increase PRC propaganda and epidemic-related disintegration. These uncivilized accounts with thousands of numbers are being used to positively portray China's response to COVID-19 and criticize the PRC content. Lee Gabrielle, our special envoy and coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, has joined this call to provide more information on these findings. We have looked closely at the convergence of Russian and Chinese disinfection narratives, and to give you an update, we continue to see Chinese and Russian narratives transforming and echoing each other. Recently we saw the CCP and the Russian Prose behind the scenes rejoining the Soviet Union's inaccurate statements about the U.S.-funded biolab as a single example. So even before the COVID-19 crisis, we assessed a certain level of coordination between Russia and the PRC within the scope of propaganda, but cooperation with this epidemic has grown rapidly. We see this convergence as a pragmatism between two actors who seek to shape public understanding of the COVID-19 epidemic for their own purposes. take a dig at the use of Beijing's bot networks, which open social media platforms, and for free society communication and more. What is happening in Ia use to learn but are blocked in China. according to the nonpartisan think tank German Marshall Fund. 2019. Now in 2019 from September to December, China's diplomatic corps created more than 40 new accounts, and that was about the April total of 2019. Now at the same time, we are seeing increased use of bot networks. Increase Chinese narratives. For example, Twitter itself identified a network of 200,000 accounts in August, following an investigation that found credible supporting evidence, a coordinated, state-backed operation to remove political discord in Hong Kong. Now the entire COVID-19 epidemic, many organizations have reported on bot networks promoting pro-CCP narratives. And what really want to highlight is that the GEC has uncovered a new network of informal Twitter accounts, that we assess created with the intention of increasing Chinese propaganda, looked at the most recent followers for 36 Twitter accounts of Chinese Foreign Ministry officials or official accounts of Chinese embassies. Several Chinese diplomatic Twitter accounts experienced a huge increase in new followership since March, and this corresponds to the timeframe in which Beijing's overseas messaging effort kicked into high gear around COVID-19. So more specific To be in place, starting in March of 2020, the number of recently created new followers per day for these accounts is higher than the historical average of about 30 to 720 per day. That went on. This is a 22-fold increase, and many of these new followers were newly created accounts. Hence the sudden rise of followers and the recent creation of many of these accounts point to an artificial network to follow which is expanding the narratives from a Chinese network and foreign ministry officials, especially at a time when China Is adopting Russian-style disruptive techniques. To remove confusion and try to convince people that COVID-19 did not originate in China. And this trend increased from March to May. the GEC assesses relations with the Chinese Communist Party, highly likely, Almost every diplomatic account shares at least one follower with every other account, with some instances of diplomatic accounts being shared with more than a thousand followers. So to give an example, two accounts that are linked to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which is the account of MFA Deputy Director Zhao, which is the account of MFA spokesperson - both of which are their most recent Out of 10,000 followers, 3,423 share, and about 40 percent of recent followers were made in just a six-week period between March 1 and April 15, 2020. It is therefore our assessment that this network can be deployed to allow CCPs to spread and spread rapidly. Messages around the world skew the conversation for its benefit. Such coordinated activity threatens to observe the biological conversations that occur on these platforms in the manner in which these platforms were intended. Hence preventing the use of troll and bot networks on Chinese websites From promoting conspiratorial websites, to advancing false narratives on the Chinese state media, Beijing has launched a series of COVID-10, to try to global legend and is engaged in an aggressive information campaign to revive. It is doing this in an attempt to see China as a global leader in response rather than the source of an epidemic to the world. But we would say that efforts are lagging behind in many places. We have called for foreign governments, academics, and the media to disband and promote the CCP and the U.S. in our demand for transparency. CCPs are global about people trying to manipulate information, and it is important that we continue to draw attention to the disintegration of CCPs and the increasing use of other Russian-style tactics, such as these intolerant social media amplification networks Prevent these behaviors from Beijing.