75th Anniversary Of The End Of World War Second

The End Of World War second

The End Of World War second 75th Anniversary

In 2020, we are marking the 75th anniversary of the end of World War second, Today we mark 75 years since the end of hostilities in World War second in Europe. today we pay tribute to all those who stood up for humanity and freedom in the face of atrocities, and we honor the sacrifices of all service members involved in the world of Nazi, Fascist, and other aggression. Recall the unique suffering of the Jewish people and the ruthless slaughter of so many other innocent citizens. As we honor their memory, we do not allow such atrocities to renew our vow again. We still remember today, for the people who live in many countries, the end of the war marked the beginning, or continuation, of a different kind of persecution From 1945, transatlantic cooperation promoted peace, democracy and tolerance, and independence. It is important to maintaining the rule of our common values and the law. After the end of the world war second, more people were free to live under these common democratic values. We have a shared history, and in the spirit of cooperation, we look forward to a shared future. we pay tribute to the victims and all the soldiers, who fought and defeated the Holocaust of Nazi Germany. In May 1945 World War second in Europe Was brought to an end, but after the end of world war second, it could not bring independence throughout the Europe. The central and eastern part of the European continent, remained under Communist rule for nearly 50 years. The Baltic states were illegally captured and announced, the Soviet Union enforced an iron grip on other captive nations using tremendous military force, repression, and ideological control. For many decades, the European continent's many central and eastern part sacrificed their lives for freedom, as millions people were deprived of their rights and fundamental freedoms, torture Were subject to forced displacement. The societies behind the Iron Curtain found a way to democracy and freedom. In 1956 a step is taken to creation the activities of Charter 77, the Solidarity Movement, the Baltic Way, the nation of 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall were important milestones in Europe, which Had contributed significantly to the entertainment of freedom and democracy. Today, United States Of America is working towards a strong and free Europe, where human rights, democracy and rule of law prevail. The future must be based on the history and facts of justice for the victims of totalitarian rule. The United States is ready to negotiate with all those interested in pursuing these principles. Manipulating historical events for the partition of Europe after the World War second, the war was a regrettable attempt to falsify history. The United States is urged to all the members of the international community, for sustainable international security, stability and peace, by real and consistent international law and norms, including sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, for Steering necessary sustainable development. We have a cruel learning lesson from the Second World War, so The United States call on all the international community to join us, and dismiss the concept of spheres of influence and emphasize the equality of all sovereign countries.