Apr 24, 2020

Knowledge Based Enterprise In Organizational Behavior

Knowledge Based Enterprise In OB

Knowledge Based Enterprise

The strategic alignment model given by Henderson, Venkataraman in 1990, defined two interrelated components of an enterprise. Number one is the business domain and second is the IT domain, If two other important components of enterprise management which are, the knowledge domain and the data domain, if all these four interrelated domains components have to be taken into account, then all these domains convert a business enterprise into a knowledge based business enterprise.

Knowledge Based Enterprise Structure

The major parts of Knowledge Based Enterprise Structure are,
Support Activities.
Primary Activities.
Interaction of Management Functions.

Support activities

Support activities are information processing activities such as, data processing, decision making, consequently they are changed to management functions.

Primary activities

Primary activities are material flow processing activities such as, manufacturing, and they are called Enterprise Process.

Interaction of Management Functions

 Management functions and enterprise process are called interactions of management functions Reaction, it is an important component of enterprise management control system.

Knowledge-Based Enterprise Management Framework

In an Organization or Company Every higher management level is associated with the lower level. The Elementary Management functions Cycles has different management control point of view. The Knowledge-Based Enterprise has four main management control functions which are,
Business Process Knowledge Management Functions.
Enterprise Knowledge Management Functions.
Knowledge Base Management Functions.
Enterprise Strategic Management Functions.

Business Process Knowledge Management Functions

Business Process Knowledge Management Functions is a management control attributes for the Enterprise Knowledge Base to exchange knowledge about business processes management.

Enterprise Knowledge Management Functions

Enterprise Knowledge Management is aimed to using knowledge stored in Enterprise Knowledge base through interface related with enterprise feedback.

Knowledge Base Management Functions

Knowledge Base Management is aimed to improve the structure and content of the Enterprise Knowledge Base by adjust content with the business goals through the feedback received by enterprise.

Enterprise Strategic Management Functions

Enterprise Strategic Management Level is the component, which defines the IT and business strategy requirements for the Enterprise Knowledge Base meta-modeling.

Knowledge-Based Enterprise Management Transactions

The knowledge based Enterprise Management Transaction is Business Process Management Cycle Framework. In which work flow, semantics, objective of the business is controled in an enterprise for the Generation of a specialized knowledge Business Process. It is the processing of the information, data and knowledge for the better decision making, Knowledge-Based Enterprise Management Transactions  activity includes a set of rules and procedures, for the conversion of real data and knowledge about business process and knowledge processing to define a set of business processes decision control. the outputs of Knowledge-Based Enterprise Management Transactions steps manipulate decisions and influence the business process.