U.S. State Department Sanctions On Trading Transporting Petrochemicals For Iran

U.S. State Department Sanctions On Iran

U.S. State Department Sanctions On Petrochemicals Supply Entities And Companies for Iran

U.S. State Department Sanctions On Entities And Companies Trading Transporting Petrochemicals For Iran. On March 18, the U.S. State Ministry imposed sanctions in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 13846 on the following seven entities for intentionally engaging in an important transaction for the purchase, acquisition, sale, transportation, or marketing of petrochemical products for Iran. These are the following companies, South Africa company SPI International Proprietary Limited, Hong Kong-based companies McFly Plastic HK Limited, Saturn Oasis Co., Limited, and Sea Charming Shipping Company Limited; And China companies Dalian Golden Sun Import & Export Company Limited, Tianyi International Dalian Company Limited, and Aoxing Ship Management Shanghai Limited. were banned by the U.S. State Department, over the following two entities, each of which owns or controls by SPI International Proprietary Limited, and had knowledge of its approved activities. South African Company Main Street 1095; Tathairani unit Armed Forces Social Security Investment Company U.S. State Department imposed sanctions, E.O. 13846, on the executive officer of the above entities.