United States Signing Agreement On Bringing Peace To Afghanistan

United States Agreement On Peace in Afghanistan

U.S. Secretary Of State Michael R. Pompeo At Afghanistan Peace Signing Ceremony

The United States and the Taliban have ended decades of hostility and mistrust. The previous talks have faltered. Taliban also believed that military victory was impossible. then asked Ambassador Khalilzad to work as our chief negotiator to assess the integrity of the Taliban. The United States will sign agreement today is a true test of this effort. The United States will closely watch the Taliban's compliance with their commitments and check our withdrawal speed for their action. Afghanistan will not act as a base for international terrorists again. The process of dialogue in Doha with all its diversions has shown that it is possible for us to take this step together. In the last seven years, the level of violence has reached its lowest point in the last four years. American and Afghan forces responded to fewer enemy attacks, respecting peace. but the Taliban demonstrated, even if only for a week, that they could be when they had the desire to be peaceful. The Afghan people rejoiced. They are talking openly about the country to meet family and friends. They are doing business. They are also dancing in the streets. But we are just at the beginning. Serious work and sacrifice will be required by all sides to advance the cause of peace - the United States, the coalition, the Taliban, the Afghan government, other Afghan leaders, and the Afghan people themselves - maintaining the necessary momentum to reach a broad, inclusive one. for long lasting peace. the good feelings of today agreement will not last, if we do not take concrete action on commitments and promises. When it comes down to it, the future of Afghanistan is set for the Afghans. The US-Taliban deal creates conditions for Afghans. Here's our take on it. Here are our steps to make this move of the Taliban a success. First of all, keep your promises to cut ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorists. Continue the fight to defeat ISIS. As a result of the drastic reduction in violence in the past week, welcome the profound relief of all Afghan citizens - men and women, urban and rural. which will create conditions for peace, and it is the conditions and reasons for absence, failure. Be restrained even in the face of disappointment. Respect the rich diversity of your country and make room for all ideas. Afghan governments have failed because they are not sufficiently inclusive. The Afghan government of 2020, and indeed Afghanistan of 2020, is not like 2001. Embrace the historical progress achieved for women and girls and build it for the benefit of all Afghans. The future of Afghanistan should draw on the God-given potential of every individual. a lasting peace can be achieved. And for all of us here, and most importantly for the safety of the American and Afghan people.