United States And Japanese Airlines New Ammendment

United States And Japan Airlines Agreement

United States And Japanese Airlines Access To Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

In Washington yesterday, announced in a diplomatic notes that United States and Japan air carriers access to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport , the United States and Japan exchanged diplomatic notes to amend the 1952 Civil Air Transport Agreement between the united states and Japan. In the new air transportation amendment between U.S. and Japan, 12 new day time slot are provided for United States and Japanese airlines Transport carriers. Which will operate between the United States and Tokyo International Airport Haneda, which is Japan's busiest airport. These flights are expected to begin as soon as the international Air Transport Association spring season will start on March 29. This change increases the number of slot pairs available to United states airlines and from Haneda to the current six to 18 total. United states air carriers have expressed strong interest in providing additional daytime service to Haneda, due to its central location near the city of Tokyo. The agreement allows Air Carrier to provide more affordable, convenient and efficient air services to consumers and shippers. Which will strengthen both countries economies, expands trade and promotes people-to-people relations. It provides new valuable business opportunities for the airline and travel industries, especially once restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted. Information on United states international aviation policy is available on the U.S. State Department website.