United States and Brazil Economic Cooperation For Prosperity

United States and Brazil

United States and Brazil For Prosperity In The Western Hemisphere

The United States and Brazil are the two largest economies in the Western Hemisphere, the United States and Brazil are a bilateral trade relationship valued at over $ 100 billion and the United States being Brazil's largest trading partner in value-added goods. Our economic relationship is rooted in the principles of fair trade, market liberalization and healthy competition. The two countries share a vision of expanding bilateral trade and investment with the aim of easing the transfer of goods and services in a safe and sustainable manner. Since Presidents Trump and Bolsonaro met in March 2019, the two countries have taken real steps to promote prosperity. The United States supports an urgent invitation from the OECD for Brazil to begin the accession process. Brazil launches US licensed satellites and space vehicles from Brazil's Alcentara Space Center Confirmed the Technology Protection Agreement (TSA) to be launched. Brazil expanded its wheat market reach by establishing a 750,000-ton duty-free quota for imported wheat. And United States made it easy to travel between Brazil. The United States launched the DHS Trusted Traveler Global Entry Pilot Program and Brazil freed American citizens from tourist visa requirements, saving millions of dollars to American tourists and business travelers, and American passengers in Brazil increase since implementation. Brazilian Low studying in the United States Issues has increased by 10 percent to almost 12 percent in 2018 and 2019, which became the Brazilian foreign students of 9th largest from the United States. Students studying in Brazil increased by more than 29 percent in 2019. The United States and Brazil held the U.S.-Brazil Commercial Dialogue (September 2019), resuming the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum (November 2019) , And launched the new US-Brazil energy platform (February 2020) with private sector participation. Our countries are increasing cooperation in infrastructure project financing, including the US involved in development) initiatives.