U.S. State Department Successes On Democracy Human Rights And Labor Issues

U.S. Successes On Democracy Human Rights And Labor Issues

United States, State Department On Democracy Human Rights And Labor Issues

U.S. State Department highlight some of main achievements of Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, as well as talk about some of our priorities. The United States always support of human rights, fundamental freedoms, and human dignity, and those who often defend and protect at great personal risk. The Trump administration has prioritized the protection and promotion of human rights. Iran, China, Russia and Syria, as well as the former Maduro regime in Venezuela, as well as many others countries government, suppressed human rights and fundamental freedoms. Which includes freedom of expression, union, peaceful assembly. And religion or belief. The US continued to take action and will continue to ensure that these and other human rights violations and abuses are not ignored. Our focus is on calling governments and other actors when they commit serious misconduct and pressuring them to be held accountable. We want to lend our voice to the voiceless. As always, we have raised human rights matters and concerns both publicly and privately, bilaterally and multilaterally. We have provided advice and assistance to governments to improve and strengthen our democratic institutions. United States Government have programs funded by local NGOs and citizens to build the foundations for transparent governance, support access to justice, protect human rights. And we have used sanctions where needed to promote accountability and protect civilians from atrocities. The most important work we have done over the past year and a half has been the increasing use of our visa restriction authorities is. Since the beginning of FY2019 - it will be September, 2018 - the State Department has announced more than 100 designations of foreign officials and their immediate family members in every region of the world to be involved in gross human rights violations and corruption. , Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Section 7031 (c) of the Appropriation Act. Similarly, we have found corruption and deterrence under the Global Magnitsky sanctions. Serious has worked closely with the Treasury Department to designate 97 individuals and entities for their role in the abuse of human rights. We have also worked with the Treasury to create six designations under Russia's Magnitsky sanctions program, including a designation of the organizer of the 2015 assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and other Chechen officials, called collective sanctions and atrocities Was implicated in the terrible campaign of LGBTI persons. We also took punitive action in several other areas of grave concern. In China, the Secretary asked the Communist Party for a wide range of violations and abuses, including the detention of more than 1 million Uigars, ethnic Kazakhs and members of other Muslim minority communities in Xinjiang. Has led a global effort to be attributed. For example, in October, the department announced a new visa ban policy under which we have restricted the visas of Chinese government and Communist Party officials who are believed to be detaining Muslim individuals in Xinjiang Are responsible for keeping or misbehaving. This action was carried out by the Department of Commerce in conjunction with the implementation of export controls at several similar entities. In the Third Committee of the United Nations, we worked with potential partners to develop a joint statement on Xinjiang, on which 23 countries Signed, including Albania, the first organization of the Islamic Cooperation member-state to take action on Xinjiang's human rights Was involved to participate in a joint call. Crisis. In Iran, in his speech on 19 December and elsewhere, Secretary Pompeo has made it clear that the United States and the international community expect the Iranian regime to treat its people with respect, which is the basis of all human beings Is eligible for, and to fulfill human rights obligations and commitments. It is a party both under Iranian law and in treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. To this end, the United States imposed sanctions on several Iranian individuals and entities responsible for human rights abuses in the past year, as well as two Iranian Revolutionary Court judges calling on Iranian citizens and dual citizens for freedom of expression - The bar is punished. Or peaceful assembly. In Venezuela, the United States is trying to support for humanitarian aid, and the legitimate National Assembly and interim President Juan Giado to push for a peaceful, democratic transition in Venezuela. In 2019, we also took significant action on the acute human rights situation in Nicaragua. U.S. State Department restricted visas and Sanctions Executive Order 13851 to many countries. So far, we have imposed restrictions on Vice President Rosario Murillo and other members of the Ortega family. Head of the Nicaragua National Police, President of the Nicaragua National Assembly and Minister of Health among others. By the end of 2019, we had taken action on a total of 15 individuals and five institutions. We have also sought to seize opportunities for reforms in human rights, rule of law, and democratic governance in many countries where inaugurations have taken place. We will continue to prioritize it in the coming year. For example, in Sudan, we supported the first step towards a historic transformation of the country for democratic civil governance. In Ethiopia, we will see Prime Minister Abi's ambitious reform efforts and this year End their support of free and fair elections. In Angola, we have with the government Revived the dialogue of the newcomers and are working closely with it to advance fundamental freedoms and address the corruption that has run that country for so long. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we see President Tseki For a plan to pursue democratic reforms and organize our first human rights dialogue with his government in the near future A. In Bolivia, we are working closely with the transitional government to ensure reliable and fair elections in the coming year. In Armenia, after a historic shift in the Velvet Revolution of 2018, the US has launched a series of corruption To help at the grassroots level in combating, improving governance and political processes and for a transparent, accountable and effective justice sector In Malaysia, we continue to support the reform efforts of the new government while enhancing the capacity of civil society. We enhance the department's ability to identify and respond to significant abuses and atrocity risks. Processed for. In 2019, we conducted the first State Department field training for the prevention of atrocities for US Embassy staff abroad. Held in Johannesburg, South Africa, we trained 52 US government employees working in 28 US embassies and consulates across the US. Beyond prevention of trespass, we also train embassy officials and local employees on labor rights, Such as freedom of association and forced and child labor. In 2019, we coordinated inter-training training sessions on labor in Washington, Bratislava, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Mexico City and Addis Ababa for over 125 officers. But there is more work needed to be done on these issues.