U.S. State Department FY 2021 Budget Request To Become World Power

U.S. State Department FY 2021 Budget Request To World Power

U.S. State Department FY 2021 Budget Request

The President's fiscal year 2021 budget requests approximately $ 41 billion for the State Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which both agencies need to protect American citizens, increase American prosperity, and develop democratic societies. Enables to push forward. With increasing competition from growing powers, the budget will provide support for the Indo-Pacific strategy. Tries Hane; Counter-Chinese, Russian and Iranian fatal effects; Protect human rights and religious freedom; Secure U.S. borders; And America's allies help to become national security and economic partners. This budget solicit to ensure that the U.S. state department is well positioned to facilitate legitimate travel across our borders, while protecting U.S. government personnel, facilities, and data assets worldwide.

For Become Great World Power Equips the United States to win the competition

For Counters Chinese Malign Influence And Indo-Pacific Security, Democracy, and Economic Growth

Provides $ 1.5 billion in foreign aid and $ 596 million in diplomatic engagement to support the US-Indo-Pacific strategy to enable countries to assess the full cost of US loans; US private sector investment facilities; Expanding security cooperation in the region; Promote the American model of democratic, transparent, accountable and business-friendly governance; And engage foreign audiences to strengthen the alliance.

For Counters Russian Malign Influence and Disinformation

The United States invests $ 763.8 million in Russian Mull Influence and Disinformation foreign aid and $ 24 million in funds dedicated to combat Russian disinfection and propagation in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia.

For Counters Iranian Malign Influence

For Counters Iranian Malign maintains strong economic and military support by engaging $ 337.5 million for key partners in the Middle East to counter regional threats imposed by the Iranian influence regime.

For Informs Foreign Opinion and Engages Foreign Audiences

For Achieving United states foreign policy goals, U.S. State Department providing $ 523.8 million for public diplomacy (PD) programs to inform foreign opinion. PD programs help to counter misinformation about the United States and its foreign policy, and to strengthen relations between Americans and the foreign public. This includes $ 138 million for the Global Engagement Center, which is balanced against a $ 184.5 million deduction from other public diplomacy programs, particularly embassy-level small grant activities.

For Supports Strategic Allies and Partners To Become Great World Power

Provides Support For Allies in the Middle East

For Providing significant support to our allies partners in the Middle East, supporting a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by providing $ 3.3 billion in foreign military financing for the US and Israel. The budget request recognizes a significant US strategic partnership for Jordan by providing $ 1.3 billion in aid in economic and security assistance.

For Supports Our Partners in the Western Hemisphere

For Supporting our allies and partners in the Western Hemisphere, U.S. State Department is investing $ 205 million to advance the transition to Venezuela, including rebuilding democratic institutions, and addressing immediate health and agricultural needs. Supports other partners, including $ 412.9 million to support Colombia's development and private sector engagement, drug elimination and contradictions, and enhance security. Provides $ 63.8 million for Mexico to curb irregular migrant flows into the United States, smuggling illegal smuggling, combating international criminal organizations, strengthening the rule of law, and more.