United States Vice President On National School Choice Week

United States On National School Choice Week

U.S. Vice President Pence On National School Choice Week

Last week, millions of Americans gathered at thousands of events across the country to celebrate the 10th annual National School Choice Week. But I am here today in this great school because here in Pennsylvania, in Keystone State, the school choice movement started. And Pennsylvania is a pioneer in opening educational opportunities for all of our children. thanks to all of Pennsylvania for expanding educational opportunities, today every year approximately 200,000 students are able to attend the school of their choice. We wanted to celebrate National School Choice Week here, to thank and congratulate the people of Pennsylvania and thank you for your leadership Speaking, I am especially grateful to be joined by a great leader who is working to expand opportunities for some of our most vulnerable families in this country. They  believes that every child, no matter where they come from - no matter your background, your experience, or your zip code - needs to receive a world-class education. our education secretary, who is a great champion of expanding educational opportunities so that Every American can live the American Dream. I bring best wishes from President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. But it is great with all of you children. in the state of Indiana, we have an educational options program like you're here in Pennsylvania, when I was the state's governor, we expanded the ways that families across our state benefited. I mean, literally, in the last 30 years, I've seen for the first time how the lives of thousands of people in my home state of Indiana were changed. And it is worthwhile for me to be able to celebrate the continuing work of expanded educational opportunities here in Keystone State today. So it's great to be in Pennsylvania. Thank you for the pioneering work of this state. You have changed lives for all the parents, everyone who is a part of the process of opening the doors of opportunity here in Pennsylvania, we continue to open up opportunities for more families to choose whichever school is best for them - public, government or Homeschool that will be strengthen our communities, our children's futures will be more bright than ever, and Pennsylvania and the rest of the America.