Ambassador Debbie Birx Appointed White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator

Ambassador Debbie Birx White House Coronavirus Coordinator

Ambassador Debbie Birx New White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator In The United States

Vice President Mike Pence appointed the Ambassador Debbie Birx to combat the spread of Coronavirus. Ambassador Birks is a world-renowned global health officer and physician. She will elaborate on the Vice President's office and report to Vice President Mike Pence. She will also join the task force led by Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services. It will be supported by National Security Council staff. Dr. Birx serves as the leader of the United States government to fight HIV / AIDS globally and will continue to oversee this important work through its competent deputy, Angeli Achrekar, while providing her interdisciplinary expertise and coordination that supports global HIV / AIDS. Debbie Birx will look into Coronavirus ground level progress response in the White House. Ambassador Debbie Birx is a scientist and physician, with three decades of public health expertise, including viral diseases, their vaccines and interoperability coordination. He is using the best science to change the course of the HIV epidemic and bring the epidemic under control, community by community and country by country. His focus has been on HIV / AIDS immunology, vaccine research, and global health over three decades. She has developed and patented vaccines, leading one of the most influential HIV vaccine trials in history. Ambassador Birx has previously worked and coordinated the Army, Navy, and Air Force in their HIV / AIDS control efforts and the CDC's Division of Global HIV / AIDS, the Center for Global Health, and its global implementation of the President's Emergency Plan for the United States AIDS Program. He has deep experience of coordination in agencies. She will bring her infectious disease, immunologist, vaccine research and interdisciplinary coordination capabilities to stop the spread of  Coronavirus in united states.