Jan 3, 2020

What Is Learning Meaning Definition In OB

Learning Definition Theories

Learning Theories Meaning Definition

Learning is the process of modifying one's behavior, more or less permanently, as the consequences of what he does and the consequences of his action, or what he sees. Learning involves change. From organizational perspective, change can be good or bad. People can learn unfavorable or favorable behavior. It is the accumulation of knowledge but more importantly it is the application of knowledge. Learning means behavior modification, especially through experience or conditioning.

Learning Psychological Concepts and Definitions 

Steers and Porter defined learning as "a relatively permanent change in behavioral ability that occurs as a result of reinforced practice or experience."
Hulse, Deese, and Egeth put their thoughts about learning, that learning as "it is a relatively permanent change in behavior or potential behavior that is the result of direct or indirect experience.
SP Robbins defined, learning is permanent changes in any behavior, that is outcome of  experience results.
Scott Miller defined," Learning is a change that occurs in response to imagine or other erotic stimuli.
Bishwanath Ghosh defined learning is the modification in behavior through experience and training.
Michele Griffin given his views that, "learning is an individual dealing of information, behavior and practices, through observation, seeking past knowledge, searching for guides , And also looking within.
When we see any change in a person's behavior, we can say that learning process has taken place. Learning means the action, process or experience of acquiring knowledge or skills. It can change our behavior from birth, every person learn from their environment. On the other hand, knowledge or skills acquired through schooling or study is also called learning. Finally, we can say that if the person experiences a change in behavior, Then its behavior comes from learning, reacting and taking responses from others.