U.S. State Secretary Michael R. Pompeo Call With Netanyahu

U.S. State Secretary Michael R. Pompeo

U.S. State Secretary Michael R. Pompeo Call With Islamic Leaders

U.S. State Secretary Michael R. Pompeo spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today to discuss the situation in Iraq, as well as Iran's continued provocations and threats. The Secretary outlined the Trump administration's resolve to protect American interests, personnel, facilities and partners. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo also spoke to Bahrain Crown Prince Al Khalifa today to discuss the inflammatory and threats to the situation in Iraq as well as Iran. Secretary Pompio thanked the Crown Prince for working to protect him and the US diplomats and service members in his country. US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo also call to the Foreign Minister of Turkish, Mevlut Cavusoglu today to discuss President Trump's recent decision to take strictly defensive action in response to imminent threats to American citizens life. Secretary Pompeo reiterated the importance of combating the volatile activities of the Iranian regime in the region.

Three days of mourning for the death of General Soleimani

U.S. State Secretary Michael R. Pompeo also discuss on, three days of mourning for the death of General Soleimani. Not allowing parents to grieve over the death of their child, It is sad, it is hypocritical. In fact, I would describe it as evil. especially when it came to hands, often, organizations led by Qasim Solimani. That is, he was responsible for the deaths of those people, and the leadership would not let them grieve, and now this evil man, this terrorist, Mr. Soleimani, is about to meet him for three days. this is not right. It is inconsistent that we all know the right way to treat humans, but sadly it reflects the nature of the Iranian regime's way of behaving for a long time. Well, there are always many reasons for the timing of events. In this case, we had seen Solimani and his IRGC forces, as well as his predictions, that Shia militaries in Iraq were involved in activities threatening American lives. We have seen it for months. We saw them taking the ship from the Hormuz Strait. We saw them engage in activities that led to the collapse of the United States UAVs. And then, in late December, we saw them in what would be the 10th or 15th strike, this time killing an American contractor. It was getting enlarged. We needed to stop it. All this was happening as a result of the orgy of terror, Soleimani, so we had a need. Secondly, we were watching, and Soleimani was planning future attacks - attacks that led to the deaths of dozens or hundreds of American citizens. Could, as well as many Iraqis, many Muslims, people of the Shia faith or Sunni faith. We will not let this happen and so we did everything we could to disrupt it. So we continue to do that work, but last night we took that strike, taking the man who was orchestrating and leading the conduct of these imminent attacks.