U.S. Secretary Pompeo Travels To Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica And Florida

U.S. Secretary Pompeo Travels Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica Florida

United States Secretary Pompeo Travels Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Florida

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will travel to Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Florida on January 18–23. Secretary of State Michael R. as part of the UN Special Representative Salute, a three-point plan outlined in the UN Security Council. Pompeo will travel to Berlin on January 19 to attend a joint German-UN international conference. Secretary Pompeo will then arrive in Bogota, Colombia on January 20, two thousand twenty, where he will speak to the Third Western Hemisphere Minister of Counter-Terrorism and President Duke And will meet with other regional leaders. The Secretary will also discuss our strong countercotics cooperation with Colombia. On January 21, two thousand twenty , the Secretary will arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he will meet with President Carlos Alvarado and visit the Joint Operations Center, which facilitates regional law enforcement cooperation. Provides. Costa Rica is very important partner for United States, supports democracy and the rule of law throughout the hemisphere, including Nicaragua and Venezuela. Later that day, Secretary Pompeo will arrive in Jamaica. There, he will hold a meeting with Prime Minister His Holiness, hold a multilateral roundtable discussion with Caribbean leaders, and the U.S. Will comment on Caribbean relations. On January 23, Secretary Pompeo will travel to Miami with Governor DeSantis. Secretary will then travel to Florida to deliver a speech on President Trump's foreign policy before returning to Washington, DC.