U.S. proclaim January 20, 2020 Martin Luther King Junior Federal Holiday

January 20, 2020 Martin Luther King Junior Federal Holiday

United states proclaim January 20, 2020 Martin Luther King Junior Federal Holiday

On August 28, 1963, Nearly one million people gathered in the heat of August at the National Mall in Washington to hear Martin Luther King, junior. People traveled from as far away as Atlanta and Los Angeles to our nation's capital to witness one of the defining moments in American history. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Doctor King articulated America's founding dream, vision for all Americans to live as "heirs to a legacy of dignity and worth". who helped shape the civil rights movement, experienced discrimination with millions of people, and whose lasting memory inspires us to create a more just and equal society. King devoted his life's actions to fighting for the right of every American to achieve the American Dream. Born on Auburn Street, Atlanta, as the son of a Baptist minister, King became an American icon and the hero of millions of freedom-loving people everywhere, inspired by his powerful protest and inspiring message of non-violent resistance. From the thousands of steps to the Lincoln Memorial before the quiet solitude of the prison closet in Birmingham. The King achieved an unwavering commitment to creating a better future that never looked for justice. our nation played a role as a beacon of hope and opportunity around the world. America's promise of freedom and justice has guided our people to prosperity through adversity. The King's life and legacy stand as a testament to that promise, which is inherent to mankind's unfit rights and commitment to freedom from oppression. During his fight against segregation and discrimination, King praised his fellow protesters for returning "back to the deep wells of democracy", tracing our roots to their roots. When we work to protect and expand freedom and opportunity we Honor the King's legacy and our nation's heritage. As President, I am committed to protecting our nation's promises and the values we share, the values that, The king worked so hard to achieve, all Americans have every opportunity to realize a better life for themselves and their families regardless of race, class, gender, or any other barriers that are arbitrary Standing in his way. We achieved historic economic growth, more than 7 million new jobs and record highs in African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American employment since my election. Through a focused effort of deregulation and growth-oriented policies, we have highlighted the potential of the US economy and the strength of the American workforce, the largest workforce in the world. We believe that economic opportunity is the greatest engine for individuals and families to overcome adversities, and we will continue to fight for opportunity for all Americans. On this day, As we Paying tribute to the King, I urge all Americans to pay attention to their action so that we can build. The "beloved community" that he envisaged weaved our American identity into fulfilling the sacred promise for a better future. Now, I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, hereby declares January 20, 2020 as Martin Luther, based on the authority enshrined by the Constitution and the laws of the United States. King, Jr., Federal Holiday. On this day, I want all Americans to engage in works of service to others, their community and our nation. I encourage you to accept the King's dream again.