U.S. President Wishes And Celebrating The Lunar New Year

United states President Wishes And Celebrating The Lunar New Year

The United States President Wishes And Celebrating The Lunar New Year 

The United States President send their best wishes to all friends around the world, celebrating the Lunar New Year on 25 January.  As the year of the Rat represents the beginning of a new day, let us use this opportunity to share our flexibility and partnership Make the commitment to renew, as we work together to build a world of prosperity and opportunity for all. Melania from United States of America and people around the world join me in sending our best wishes to people to celebrate the Lunar New Year. On this occasion, we join millions of people around the world to welcome the Rat Year and the lives of others. Let's embrace the new year full of opportunities to make a positive impact. As people of Asian heritage celebrate this special time of the year with fireworks, food and loved ones, we wish them happiness, health and prosperity in the coming year. We extend our sincere gratitude to those many ways Want to identify and present in which Asian Americans enrich our nation's culture, strengthen our economy, and increase our national values level. Their invaluable contribution to the United States is a unique part of our country's history and identity. Happy New Year.