US President Vision for Israel and the Palestinian Brighter Future

US Government Vision for Israel and the Palestinian Brighter Future

United States President Remarks For Israel And Palestinian 

Israel takes a major step towards peace. Yuth from Middle East want for a better future of greater hope, and governments across the region are realizing that terrorism and Islamic extremism are everyone's common enemies. The state of Israel covers only some parts of Middle East, though Israel has become a major center of democracy, innovation, culture and commerce. This is the first time Israel has authorized the release of the ideological map, which is the regional agreement Signifies that it is ready to prepare for peace. And they have gone much further. This is an unprecedented and highly significant development. United states will help to Israel by making a joint committee with Israel, to convert the conceptual map to a more detailed and calibrated rendering so that recognition can be achieved immediately. Under this vision, Jerusalem would remain Israel's undivided - very important - undivided capital.

Vision for Israel and the Palestinian Brighter Future

Iran and the Middle East facing terrorism, they  need strong regional partnerships to counter terrorism, strengthen security, and unlock vast opportunities for economic investment and regional prosperity. US President  want regional partnerships to  identify threats and mutually beneficial opportunities, which will help in sharing between Israel and its neighbors To facilitate the possibility of a validated relationship. This vision will serve as a strong platform from which to improve regional mobility and strengthen regional partnerships. Under this vision, Palestinian refugees are allowed to remain within the future Palestine state. Will be given the option to live, be integrated into the countries where they currently live, or live in a third country. The US will work with the international community to establish a liberal trust to assist in the process of migration. Peace and Prosperity for region for better future. US Includes a massive $ 50 billion Peace Prosperity Economic Plan, which will give a boost to the Palestinian economy. But, the vision will be: create more than 1 million new jobs; more than double Palestinian GDP; And reduce unemployment by 10% and cut the poverty rate in half.