U.S. Declared January As National Slavery And Human Trafficking Prevention Month

U.S. United States President Donald Trump

January Declared As National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in united States

President Trump has declared January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Global estimates indicate that 24.9 million people - adults and children - are victims of human trafficking. Traffickers deprive victims rights to life, the freedom and ability to discover happiness - a struggle for our nation's founding principles. Today, they still demand the immediate attention of all governments to combat human trafficking. In commemoration ceremony, the State Department declares 2020 to be the year of "Freedom First", recognizing that human rights, autonomy and freedom Are essential to the exercise of our rights. Fulfilling unfinished promises of freedom for the millions of people who have been exploited by smugglers should be the first priority for all of us. During the last two decades, the United States government has been able to bring justice to those who benefit from the exploitation of others. Remains steadfast in its commitment to identify victims and provide support services to those affected by trauma, and to smugglers. Prevent the crime. In the first place. the State Department seeks to end human trafficking through year-round bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, targeted foreign aid, support for coordinating federal anti-trafficking efforts, and meaningful engagement with civil society. Committed to intensify efforts. Avoiding the private sector and trafficking. Today, on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, I ask you to please and join us in the "President's call to fulfill the promise of freedom for all victims of scary crime, Because we have our shortage efforts for the year 2020 to prevent exploitation, prosecuting smugglers and protecting survivors of human trafficking.