United States Want Democratic Transition in Venezuela

U.S. Democratic Transition in Venezuela

U.S. Support Democratic Transition in Venezuela

On January 21, the United States find, fifteen aircraft related to Venezuela state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), identified these 15 aircraft as a blocking property. Many of these blocking aircraft have been involved in the persecution of US military flights into Caribbean airspace or have been used to transport senior members of the illicit Maduro regime, which continues to target the people of Venezuela to brutal and dictatorial practices. As a result of this action, American individuals are on notice that they cannot transact with these aircraft - chartering, contracting, refueling, or purchasing them - unless otherwise authorized. The United States has taken this action Executive Order (E.O.) according to 13884, which blocks property and interests in the Venezuelan government's assets. This action impacts US efforts to use targeted sanctions and stable diplomacy to end Maduro's efforts to bring power to power, and to support a Venezuelan transition to democracy, including free and fair presidential elections. And the brutal and dictatorial actions of the people of Venezuela and Maduro, democratic allies around the world Thus are committed to their clear rejection. we support peace restoration, economic stability and rule of law in Venezuela.