United States Mexico Canada Agreement USMCA Passed By Senate

United States Mexico Canada Agreement USMCA

The United States Senate passed the USMCA

The United States Senate passed the USMCA, United States Mexico Canada Agreement, which is also known as the USMCA, which will move to fulfill President Trump's promise to united states to modernize and update trade agreements And brings closer. Mexico has ratified the USMCA, and we now look forward to considering this agreement of the Canadian Parliament. The USMCA will promote prosperity through mutual, balanced and fair trade, encouraging strong economic participation in our three countries. President Donald J. Trump has given another trade victory for American workers with the Senate passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The trade deal, now ratified by both congressional boards with unprecedented bipartisan support, will replace job-killing 89-10 in the Senate and 385-41 in the House, a massive failure NAFTA - a key promise to the American people Made for The USMCA, which was successfully negotiated by the president a year ago, will lead to an imbalance in trade between the three countries and significant economic and job growth in the United States.