United States And France Dialogue On Cyber Security And Cyber Policy Issues

United States And France Cyber Security Cyber Policy Issues

United States And France Dialogue On Cyber Policy Issues

The third cyber dialogue of the United States and France was held in Paris, France on January 22, 2020 to confirm our on-going partnership on cyber security and cyber policy issues. Our governments share a commitment to ensuring an open, mutual, reliable and secure cyberspace in which all states behave responsibly. the united states and France discuss efforts to advance sustainability in cyberspace Of Diplomatic progress in multilateral and regional security locations, 5G security concerns, Domestic cyber security issues, And cyber capacity building. United states and France  reaffirmed their support for a framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace, which is predicated on the applicability of existing law of nations , adherence to non-binding lifetime norms of state behavior, and the implementation of practical trust building measures. The both countries United States and France  delegation also discussed elements of a joint statement on Advancing Responsible State Behavior in Cyberspace, signed by the united states, France and 25 other countries on September 23, 2019, with states working together on a voluntary basis to hold them accountable Commitment to do was involved. They work contrary to this framework. Robert L, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Cyber and International Communications and knowledge Policy. Stryer led the US delegation, which included representatives from the departments of commerce, defense, homeland security, justice, and the state Digital Affairs Ambassador, Henri Verdier,  led a French inter-delegation consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the National Cyber Security Agency, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the soldiers , and therefore the Ministry of Justice. The United States of Washington, Look forward to hosting the next talk in DC.