Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary Of State Remarks

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary Of United State Remarks

Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary Of State Remarks To The Press Media On Current World Situations

Opening Remarks Keynote Archives Speech of Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo to the Press and Media in the United States.
I know that you have questions about the Middle East and Iraq. But first of all, I would like to convey my condolences to the people of Australia for the tragic loss of life and property due to the devastating wildfires in that region. The thoughts and prayers of America with the victims, their families and emergency service personnel. And the same thing for firefighters, who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with our Australian friends. when I was just in Sydney last summer, we have a really unbreakable alliance. They are very good friends, and we are happy to be able to help the Australian team in this time of need.

Asia Situations 

Staying in Asia, we mentioned the appointment of Luo Huoning, the new head of the liaison office of the Hong Kong Chinese Central Government. He hoped that Hong Kong would, at the end of the bid, return to the "right path". The Right Way, as I have stated before, in the Sino-British Joint Declaration entered into by the Communist Party of China to the United Nations, honoring its commitments to Hong Kong, a commitment that guarantees the region's free governance and independence. That the Chinese living on the mainland unfortunately do not enjoy. Human rights and fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong, The United States will continue to work with Hong Kong and Chinese Communist Party officials to protect Pakistan and promote Hong Kong's higher autonomy.

Afghanistan Situations 

In Afghanistan, there was one aspect of the conflict that deserves more attention, is that The Islamic Republic is a partnership of Iran. in which Iran is not taking part to join the regional and international consensus for peace and, in fact, continues to undermine the peace process by continuing its longstanding global efforts to actively support militant groups there. Many people around the world know of Iran's proxy network in the Arab world, but the regime also has a relationship with the Taliban and related groups, such as the Haqqani, Torah Bora and Mulla Dadullah groups. The Taliban's involvement in Iran's dirty work will only harm Afghanistan's peace process.

Venezuela Situations 

In Venezuela, I would like to thank and congratulate Juan Guaido on winning in reelection as President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, a valid reunion by a quorum of 100 deputies. The Maduro regime's arrest, bullying and bribery operations. I consider how Venezuelan political parties came to support the reunification of Guido. The United States will continue to support President Guado and the people of Venezuela, and we will continue to rally all other freedom-loving countries around the world to do the same thing. We support the people of Venezuela because we believe That the Western Hemisphere should be the hemisphere with freedom everywhere.
I also want to highlight the work of the OAS, Secretary-General Luis Almagro is the leader who will have to continue to strive for the OAS to meet the key challenges of the region, promoting democracy, upholding human rights, advancing security and promoting economic development. I have to say about the OAS and the multilateral platform. On the theme of basic freedom.

Bahrain Situations 

I would like to speak to Bahrain January 2 statement. in which they expressed deep concern with Uighur Muslims in China over inhuman and painful conditions. Bahrain has been recognizing what I have been saying for months, the Chinese Communist Party is violating human rights in a big way against Uighur, ethnic Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other Muslims placed under house arrest in Xinjiang. We are happy with what Bahrain did, and we ask all countries, especially those associated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, to refuse the ruthless behavior of the Uighurs.

Europe Situations 

Going to Europe. As many of you know, Prime Minister Mitsotakis is in the city this week. I look forward to welcoming him here. I will be with President Trump at the White House today. I also want to announce that our Under Secretary of Political Affairs, David Hale, will travel to Brussels this weekend, where he interacted with 28 European counterparts. It is a recurring meeting which takes place every six months. This is particularly important because it immediately assumes the office of the EU foreign minister over Iran which has just been determined. And it shows, once again, our close cooperation with our European partners on issues of mutual concern. I am sure, while David's there, the issue of Iran and Iraq will figure prominently in their negotiations, and they have Syria There will also be an opportunity to discuss priorities like North Korea and China. Finally, another personnel matter. I would like to thank Ambassador John Bass, whom I would like to tell about my time in service as a director of the Central Intelligence Agency and now as Secretary of State. His two years of service in Kabul were notable. This is one of our most important campaigns. Ambassador John Bass is a respected strategic thinker, a man of incredible integrity. He helped move that country towards a brighter, more peaceful, and more secure future for all Afghan people.