Jan 27, 2020

Main Common Learning Barriers In Organizational Behaviour

Learning Barriers In Organizational Behavior

Learning Barriers In Organizational Behaviour

In some circumstances, people have encountered some obstacles while learning. Learning barriers are problems or situations that prevent learners from accessing programs, making it difficult for learners to go to class or for learners. It becomes difficult to concentrate and learn.
There are seven barriers to learning which are,
Presentation problem.
changing new culture.
Not Available appropriate support.
Employment related issues.
Lack of concentrate.
The financial problem.
The political influence.

Presentation Problem

The presentation problem is one of the major biggest barriers to learning. Sometimes people do not understand the meaning of a subject, if it is presented verbally without using visual methods of any kind of presentation. In this situation it becomes very difficult for the learner to understand clearly.

Changing New Culture

Another barrier to learning is changing their culture. If people move to another new culture, sometimes they do not get the proper sufficient environment, and it disrupts the people learning process. In this case, first they have to learn the new culture within a very short period of time, and it become very difficult for learning process.

Not Available Appropriate Support

When learners do not get proper support from family and organizationfor Learning, they cannot learn things properly.

Employment Related Issues

Employment related issues can be a major problem in the learning process. People cannot learn if, they do not have a good relationship with their superior or subordinate. Moreover, if there is no reinforcement related to learning outcomes, employees cannot be motivated to achieve good results from it.

Lack Of Concentrate

Sometimes employees are unable to focus properly on the learning process due to their family, personal or organizational problems. There are some learning courses that require proper concentration.

The Financial Problem

Some people have financial problems and because of this they cannot participate in the learning process. Financial problems can be a hindrance to learning. insufficient funds or lack of finance hindrance people learning process properly.

The Political Influence

Political influence can be a hindrance for learning. If the political environment is in favor of the learner, then it becomes an opportunity for the learner. If the environment is not so good, then they have to face many problems due to political influences. If there is a problem with the person who will give information to the learners, then it becomes very difficult for the person to learn. There can be many problems such as lack of skills, language problems, lack of information, lack of desire, etc.