Iran Attacks On U.S. Troops International Responses

Iran Attacks On United States Troops International Responses

Iraq's Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi Responses

The government continues its efforts to increase Iraq's sovereignty and prevent it from being respected by all, and does not ignore it and does not endanger its people. We have called for self-restraint and still have to resort to the language of logic and follow international conventions and the honor and government's decisions of the Iraqi state to deal with and pass through this grave crisis. Threatening a devastating all-round war to the region and the world.

European Union Ambassador Responses

Iran is violating Iraqi sovereignty by launching air strikes. Germany, France and Britain President Macron, Chancellor Merkel And a joint statement by Prime Minister Johnson called on Iran to avoid further violent action or proliferation, and reversed all measures from Iran inconsistent with the JCPRA Urged He reaffirmed his commitment to the D-ISIS union  and influence the Iraqi government to do all in its power to preserve it.

United Kingdom Responses

Foreign Secretary Rabab condemned the missile attack and urged Iran Do not repeat reckless and dangerous attacks. We have always recognized the aggressive threat made by the Iranian Quds force led by Qasim Soleimani. After his death, we all Urge the parties to de-escalate. Further conflict is not in our interest.

Germany Responses

German FM Mass condemned missile attacks and asked Iran to stay away from steps that could go ahead. A German government spokesman said, America US response was a response to a series of military provocations. for which Iran is responsible.

France Responses

The official of france said, France's total solidarity with its allies in the face of recent attacks against the coalition troops. Macron destabilizes Quds Force under Solsimony's authority Expressed concern about the activities and discouraged regional growth.

Israel Responses

Prime Minister Netanyahu called President Trump to act boldly and fearlessly, which was primarily against terrorists, who were the architects and drivers of the campaign of genocide of Iran and terror. such as Israel has the right to self-defense. The United States has equal rights.

Canada Responses

PM Trudeau urges continuation of de-escalation across the region. FM Champagne Canada has long been concerned by the Solomoni-led IRGC's Quds Force, whose aggressive actions have led to a volatile out of region and beyond.

Netherlands Responses

Dutch FM Steph Blok acknowledges that, Solomoni has played a role in regional instability and embassy in Iraq on Baghdad and coalition forces.

Finland Responses

finland President Niyinisto called upon to make every effort to break the cycle of Iranian missile attack, violence and  condemned targeting peacekeepers in the field.