Influenza Flu Season Across United States

Influenza Flu Season In USA

Influenza Flu Season In U.S.

Flu activity in California is high on Friday, and is being affected in 37 states, of United States of America. including California, Flu activity increases in California in the U.S. Health officials said More than 6 million people have come with the flu so far this season, and 55,000 have had to be hospitalized. The CDC said that between October 1 and December 28, there have been 2,900 flu-related deaths across the United States including 27 children. According to the California Department of Public Health, there have been 54 flu-related deaths in California between September 29 and December 28. There has been a 17% increase from the previous week. Last year, State officials said the number of hospitals is above expected levels. The CDC said the last eight weeks Flu activity has increased across the country. California health officials are urging people to get flu shots, saying that in 6 months All older people should get vaccinated. Health officials said that more than 6 million people have come with the flu so far this season and 55,000 people have to be hospitalized. "We will have to wait and see. That will happen in the coming weeks, we still have half the flu season. And after influenza B there may be other viruses that are here right now.

The Flu Symptoms

Symptoms of the flu Sacramento County Health officials said, the flu is very contagious and causes severe respiratory illness Symptoms include.
Pain in the body,
Pain in the body usually lasts for two to seven days,
Officials said in a statement, "Influenza can cause serious illness or even death in young or old people, or whose health May worsen the situation.