Government Of United States Congratulate Australians On Australia Day

United States Congratulate Australians On Australia Day

U.S. Government Congratulate Australians On Australia Day

On behalf of the Government of the United States, we would like to congratulate the Australians on the occasion of Australia Day on 26 January. The US-Australia relationship is a commendable example of how two countries bring peace, stability and peace to our people and the world. Both countries united states and Australia work together to bring prosperity. The tragic loss of life and property from devastating Australian wildlife hurts us deeply. The increase in donations from Americans concerned about their Australian friends and the warm-hearted American firefighters across Australia demonstrates our dedication to support each other. We celebrate the strength of our relationship and know that we will be there for each other in times of crisis. Australia is an indispensable partner in achieving an independent and open Indo-Pacific and the U.S.-Australia alliance will continue to be a leading force for achieving peace and stability around the world. We value friendship and look forward to another year of cooperation.