Sep 6, 2019

Business Process Customers Orientation Study Notes

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Business Process Customers Orientation Study

The concept of business process orientation (BPO) is the continuous efforts work done by the Deming Walton, Porter Davenport Short, Hammer, Grover et al, Coombs and Hull. by using This BPO process firms can enhance their overall performance by adopting a process approach. McCormack conducted an empirical study to explore the relationship between BPO and enhanced business performance. The result showed that BPO is important in reducing conflict and encouraging greater connectivity within organization, improving business performance. Another empirical study done by Kohlbacher, showed that BPO is positively associated with customer satisfaction, product quality, delivery speed and time-to-market speed. The follwing persons Deming, Porter, Davenport, Short, Hammer, Byron, Imai, Drucker, Rummler-Breche and Mellon suggested to have requires a new approach and a new way of thinking about the organization, that will result in improvement dramatic business performance. This "new way of thinking" is commonly described as a business process orientation. A business process culture is a culture that is cross-functional, customer oriented, process and system thinking. This can be expanded by combining elements of Davenport's process orientation, Davenport emphasized the commitment to process improvement, which directly benefits customer and business process information-oriented systems. Finally, Hammer described "process Thinking "as cross-functional and result oriented. They used four categories to describe the components of an organization. Here are: Business Processes and Structures: Management and Measurement System Values and Beliefs

Customers Orientation Definition

For run a good and successful business you have to develop a reputation with your customers. your business understands and acts on the importance of customer orientation, as an ethical business that cares for and delivers value. Customer orientation is the belief, when your customers are happy and their needs are met, then customer retention increases, this means what your target customer wants from you. customer-oriented small business focusing on your customer's desires and anticipating their needs, customer orientation shopping with you provides stress relief rather than stress-inducing.

Customer Orientation Importance

To find a new customers can be expensive, for small business owners who don't have  extra capital to invest in marketing. If you provide very small budget services, it is less expensive to find new customer and hold back a satisfied customer. When you offer exceptional high budget customer service like Apple or incredible knowledge like Best Buy, you retain your customers coming back and continuing in what you offer. This means protecting your bottom line, growing it and strengthening your reputation, all without spending more than justified on customer acquisition.

Customer Orientation Strategies

The best way to follow customer orientation strategies into your business is to offer best quality of customer services and care, so that your customers don't want to go anywhere else. For example Apple started as a small business, but their focus on customer orientation inspired them to set up unique iPhones with marketing and customer care services unlike anything in the industry. Twin Cities began as a Best Buy "Sound of Music" in the suburb and retains their customers by knowledgeable and trained supportive sales person. You have to always think about your's customers at every level of your company, and with every decision, your company can be flexible and meet customer needs in an equal way.

Customer Orientation Skills

Customer orientation skills are very. Important at every level of business, your team members should have customer orientation skills, which will play key role in your success. While a large corporation of 25,000 employees can overcome some employees with being behind the curve, but for small businesses every employee should deliver excellence customer orientation skills and they really feel it. Here are some ways to incorporate customer orientation skills in your employees.

treat your employees the way you want them to treat their customers.

Your mission to include promise and values for your customers.

Arranged customer training on product knowledge, troubleshooting and customer care.

Give best training to your employees, Equipment and empower your employees to resolve customer concerns and problems in coordination with others.

Give customers a best and easy platform to share feedback, offer loyalty programs and individualized care.

Keep your standards high and hire high quality efficient trained staff who believe in those standards.