U.S. Secretary Of State Pompeo Greetings To Japan’s National Day

U.S. Greetings To Japan’s National Day

United States  Greetings To Japan’s National Day

On behalf of the Government of the United States and the American people, United States Secretary of State R. Pompeo send his heartiest greetings to Emperor Naruhito on the occasion of his 60th birthday on 23 February. The President and I were honored to visit Japan in 2019, and we are thankful for both the Emperor and the Japanese people for their warm welcome. President Trump was the first head of state to continue the legacy of a great relationship started by Emperor Emeritus Akihito, and the President after he ascended the throne with Emperor Naruhito. This year marks a new era of cooperation between the leadership of United States and Japan. This is the beginning as we work together to address both regional and global challenges. Japan and the United States continue to strengthen our stable alliance every day, drawing on our common values and interests to pursue a shared vision for an independent and open Indo-Pacific. We praise Japan's efforts to strengthen democratic institutions, promote sustainable economic development, promote women's empowerment, strengthen the rule of law, and respond to global challenges around the world. Wish the Japanese people peace and prosperity in the year.

United States Trump Bump Is Real

Trump Bump Is Real

U.S. Trump Bump

The tepid recovery from the Great Recession prompted many to end low growth, However, the first three years of the Trump administration prove that a long period of low growth was far from inevitable. This increased growth is coincident with administration policies such as lower taxes, substantial exemptions and innovative energy policy. Even with this remarkable change, some make false claims that President Trump inherited today's historically strong economy. As the President's 2020 Economic Report shows, that the impressive economic gains under President Trump are higher than the forecasts before the 2016 election, and the results of the previous part of expansion. Usually, growth would have accelerated at the beginning of economic reforms expansion continue. Similarly, it is more difficult to create jobs in later expansion due to lower unemployment rate than before. The current recovery is different from the previous one as growth accelerated in 2017, Pre-election forecasts from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) from August 2016 show that President Trump's election How was today's economic change unexpected? By the end of 2019, five ways under President Trump reflect economic outcomes, CBO's forecast real GDP is 1.4 percent - or $ 260 billion more than the projected estimate, real wages and compensation per household are estimated to be $ 2,300 more than that; total nonfarm payroll employment is 5 million higher than projected; unemployment rate is 1.4 percent below estimates; labor force Individual participation rate is 1.5 percent higher than projections. Beyond beating expectations, the economic outcome under President Trump also exceeds the earlier results of expansion. Specifically, homeownership, pre-age labor force participation, manufacturing employment, labor productivity, and net wealth for the lower half of American households improved pre-election trends,

United States criticize Russian Cyber Attack Against the Georgia

U.S against Russian cyber attack on Georgia

U.S. criticize Russian Cyber Attack On the Georgia

United states condemns, On October 28, 2019, the Russian intelligence agency General Russian Intelligence Directorate (GRU), cyber attack on Georgia by Main Center for Special Technology (GTST), also known as Unit 74455 and Sandworm, launched a widespread disruptive cyber attack against the country of Georgia. This Russian cyber attack incident, which directly affected the Georgian countries population, disrupted the computer operation of several thousand Georgian government website, and as well as privately run websites and also disrupted the broadcasting of at least two major television stations. This Russian cyber attack on Georgia, contradicts Russia's claim that it is a responsible actor in cyberspace and demonstrates a consistent pattern of reckless Russian GRU cyber operations against many countries. The purpose of these operations is to sow division, create insecurity and weaken democratic institutions. America calls on Russia to stop this behavior in Georgia and elsewhere. Every countries have to secure and safe stability of cyberspace, which depends on the responsible behavior of every nations. We, along with the international community, will continue our efforts to maintain an international framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace. We support Georgia and its people to enhance their cyber security and to combat malicious cyber actors. We also promise, and We will offer additional capacity building and technical support to help Georgia public institutions, to strengthen and improve their ability to protect themselves from such activities.

The Dynamics Of Organization Behaviour

Key elements of Dynamics Organization Behaviour

Organizational Dynamics

The dynamics of organization behaviour reaches far beyond an organization's product or service and its processes. The study of the dynamics of organization behaviour focuses on aspects of human resources and includes the firm's cultural structure, how to motivate employees in the organization, how to handle  conflict and how to lead change. Thus organizational dynamics affects the necessary business functions, which can cause changes in organizational dynamics. You need a positive environment in order to work truly and profitably in your business. However, many business functions can affect the dynamics of your business and bring out behaviors in employees that can be counter-productive. You cannot end these tasks, but you can be aware of their potential effects on your company, and see signs of change in your organization so that you can move quickly to re-establish positive morale. Organizational dynamics is a central focus on people in major organizations and applies to almost every industry. Employees gain marketing skills ranging from analysis of personal relationships to overreaching management of the organization. Some key concepts include in organization dynamics, which are  understanding the key organizational principles, team dynamics, effective communication, interaction conflict management, cultural competence, and data analytics. There are following organizational dynamics functions.

Organizational Foundations

Organizational Foundations focus on understanding the characteristics and qualities of human behavior and how they interact to make organizations work. This will include analysis of historical perspective as well as review of contemporary theories. The successful organization's case studies will be used to demonstrate the application of theoretical concepts of case studies for practical situations.

Organizational Theory And Practice

Organizational Theory and Practice gives an overview of how organizations work, including theory, research, and applications. Employee will get understanding of organizational structure, culture, communication, and strategic planning processes within internal and external business environments. Current trends and cases will be discussed and students will engage in experiential exercises to facilitate critical thinking and then apply the course content to an organizational setting.

Team Dynamics

The focus of the Team Dynamics is to use of team spirit behavior in organizations. Employees will gain a deep understanding of team structure, processes and performance reviews, team roles, leadership and decision making. And create a self-directed work environment by using the concepts and processes of team dynamics.


This negotiation conflict skill focuses on managing disputes within organization. The negotiation skills is used to analyze complex conflict and dispute situations, shape appropriate processes to engage the right parties, creatively compromise, select arbitrators and facilitators, and It emphasizes conflict management and resolution leadership.

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence is designed to develop decision-making methods to solve problems and to facilitate effective and appropriate cultural competence. Employees need human resource management, supervision and staff development, team building, motivation for performance, inter-organizational collaboration, organizational learning strategy, cultural competence is a tool to effectively serving diverse and multicultural people in the organization. And by this skills employee will learn aspects of program planning, strategic management and planning, and strategies for major change efforts.

Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership introduces leadership and management principles concepts. It offers opportunity for the employees to apply these principles through case analysis and to enhance personal skills development through self-assessment exercises. The organizational leadership identifies present and as well as contemporary perspectives on ethics, networking management, organizational culture, diversity, strategic learning leadership, and crisis leadership.

Quality Control

You need quality control measures to ensure that your employees can produce the best work. A quality control supervisor is required to investigate the work and identify problems with the employees working. While quality-control measures can improve quality, but they can also cause employees to become dissatisfied. Some may even get annoyed with checking their work. Dynamics in your organization can change a climate of collaboration and teamwork.

Cost Controls

You have to control your expenses. One of those expenses is payroll. In fact, payroll may be your biggest expense. If you start reducing overtime and cut the amount you are paying in wages, these cost-control measures can create fear and anger through your organization. Anger and fear can promote unproductive behavior such as rebellion and low productivity.

Productivity Improvements

If you want to maintaining maximum production, which can be big challenge for you as a business owner. You can initiate a series of small production, then measures and closely monitor production to detect the development of problems. Employees and supervisors can resist your efforts and introduce a dynamic to your organization, which we find "versus them". You should improve productivity as a way to work together as a team to avoid battling reluctant employees.

Data Analytics

This data analysis examines the ways in which organizations can use data to gain insights and make better decisions. Data analytics are implemented in operations, marketing, finance, and strategic planning, among other functions. The ability to use data effectively to make rapid, accurate, and profitable decisions has been an important strategic advantage for organizations.

Staff And Professional Development

If you provide specialized training to improve skills in your workforce, you can think of the effort as a positive step. However, employees may see additional skills as a burden that they are not being paid to take. You should try to make it clear that skill-improvement is a necessity to maintain profitability and current salary levels. You should also recognize that many employee resistance can be based on fear of not being able to master new skills. Assure your workforce that you are initiating employee development to make employee functions more appropriate to the needs of the new company. To avoid the inefficiency, new development is necessary.

United States Sanctions On Rosneft Trading S.A. In Venezuela

U.S. Sanctions On Rosneft Trading S.A. In Venezuela

United States Sanctions On Rosneft Trading S.A. To Protect Venezuela Natural Resources

On February 18, the United States took action to prevent the theft of Venezuelan assets, by the former Maduro regime of Venezuela. And maintain democracy in Venezuela, United States Sanctions to Rosneft Trading S.A., a Swiss-incorporated, Russian Owned oil brokerage firm. Additionally, Didier Casimiro, President and Chairman of the Rosneft Trading Board, who also serves as Vice President of Rosneft for Refining, Petrochemical, Commerce and Logistics, is nominated for acting or for the purpose of acting on behalf of Rosneft Trading As the primary broker of global deals for the sale and transportation of Venezuela crude oil, which is the suppression of the people of Venezuela. In former Maduro regime Venezuela's institutions, economy, and infrastructure were destroyed very badly, while enriching his own and cronies, welcoming the abuse of state power and his support from Russia, as well as Cuba, Iran and China. However, Interim President Juan Guado works with his coalition of international partners towards a better future for the people of Venezuela. , Maduro is increasingly isolated and dependent on the support of a small group of thieving regimes, allied to Venezuelan resources to rob. The people of Venezuela have spoken out boldly against Maduro and his corrupt allies and demand freedom and adherence to the rule of law. The United States is committed to standing with them until democracy and prosperity are restored in Venezuela.

Stress Management Stress Coping Up Strategies For Reducing Managing Stress

Stress Coping Up Strategies For Reducing And Managing Stress

Strategies For Reducing And Managing Stress

In this tough volatile competitive and computerized world, the challenges faced by a jobber can be harder than ever. Therefore, it is very important to manage and reduce stress at workplaces.
For workers everywhere, the work situation become very harsh. Today's uncertain competitive work environment increased fear, uncertainty, and a high level of stress. The effects of stress are multifaceted, but one must try to very important to defeat stress. This is stress management. How better you deal  and manage your stress, the more you will positively affect the stress around you and the less others will affect you. Stress control is a leadership responsibility. Those who ignore the prevailing stress level are negligent in their duties. One must be diligent in combating stress. There are following strategies for dealing with stresses in stress management, which are discussed below.

Implications For The Individuals

Employees or workers productivity is the most deciding factor for the success of an organization. Productivity is depends on the psychological well-being of employees. In this highly dynamic and competitive world, human beings are exposed to all kinds of stress, due to stress human all life affect. While it is impossible to scrap it completely, there are certain ways and means of dealing with the brutal effects of stress. In stress management we control and maintain the situations, people and events.

Recognize Stress

Initially the existence of stress should be recognized. Stress observations include mental, social, and physical manifestations. When stress is interfering with your ability to work, take care of yourself and find what is bothering you. Once you identify the presence of stress, start by countering it.

Acquiring Knowledge About The Job

Job-related stress arises when the worker is not able to meet the inherent challenges in the job. The employee may lack some skills. The best way to reduce this type of stress is to acquire knowledge and skills in one's job according to their abilities.

Prioritize The Tasks

A list should be made of the tasks that should be done, and they should be arranged in order of importance. Start with high priority task. If something is unpleasant to do, quickly done it fast so that the rest of the day's work will be completed more peacefully. This kind of priority can help put things in order, and make tasks easier. Plan your day and stick to it for the schedule. You will feel less stress.

Plan The Work

Any employee working in the organization should plan their work clearly. When, what, how and why all such questions should be answered before starting the work. A well-planned job will end well without any chaos. This will not create any unnecessary stress or anxiety. Therefore, plan the work to be done. Planning ahead will improve the quality of work and prevent unnecessary confusion.

Managing The Time

Analyze your schedule, responsibilities and daily tasks. You have to manage a balance between work and family life, social activities and daily responsibilities. Avoid too much scheduling in single day. put tasks at the bottom of the list or eliminate them altogether if they are of minimal importance. Try to get to the office 15 minutes early and don't add to your stress levels by walking late. Do take a short breath. End the day work on time and moving away from work site to rest and recharge, which  keeps an employee more productive.

Ambiguous Work Situations

If people are uncertain about their jobs and careers, there is a feeling of helplessness and out of control. When the role is unclear due to lack of communication or the difference between assignment the role, it is better to clarify and receive roles with management as properly defined. There is a need for clear communication between personal and management.

Activities Vs Results

Simply engaging in various activities does not ensure that the desired results are being achieved. This reduces the quality of work and exhaustion. Therefore, one should not showing constantly busy, without showing results. First of all you should finish your first job, then taken others works in hand.

Delegate Responsibilities

If it is possible for the role occupant to share and divide the work, so that the necessary work must be done without much stress. If other people can take care of the work, you should have to give chance to them. So it will be possible to let go of unnecessary stress in the work process.